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image - quoted text from Jane Goodall, "Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference."

Basic Needs

We want to ensure every family is stable and in a safe environment.


We want to ensure that students graduate and are prepared to succeed in college or a career. 


We want everyone to have the skills and tools they need to achieve financial stability.


We want to give everyone the ability to live healthier, longer lives. 

United way kick off-2023Sep-sml.png

The goal of the United Way of the

Greater Tri-County Area is to offer resources to support agencies in order to provide needed services to the community. 

"We honor the uniqueness of each individual and embrace diverse backgrounds, values, and points of view to build a strong, inclusive community."

image - Mr. Ledsworth holding a donation check from First Community Foundation, Inc.

Donation from First Community Foundation, Inc. for Texas Winter Recovery Donations.

Presented by Michelle Williams of First National Bank Texas

OUR LATEST EVENTS                                      * * Kick-Off Luncheon for 2025 - September 2024, 11:30 am * *

                                                                        Killeen Civic and Conference Center

Kiss the Goat, 6 January 2019


Willows Spring Elementary School - Students and Staff raise money for the United Way in fun ways...

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Class Acts, 1 December 2018


Clifton Park Elementary School - Celebrates meeting United Way fundraising goals...

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Center Texas Youth Services, 2019


Thank You to Untied Way of the Greater fort Hood Area for visiting our Drop-In Center...

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